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What is Pop Up Play?

Welcome to Pop Up Play! 

Pop Up Play offers amazing play experiences for under 5s through public sessions, private sessions, events and parties.


All of our toys have benefits for under 5s whether that's physical development, encouraging imagination, improving communication or social development - but our main focus is really simple - FUN. For children and their families. 

  • An amazing range of toys for your little ones to play with - we have so many beautiful toys that can be played with in so many ways, we really pride ourselves on having toys that are a little bit different to what else is around. 

  • Each week is different - some weeks we may have Teepee Town, some weeks we may have Pirate Cove or Construction Corner or Scuttle Bug Alley. We rotate our toys and our play areas, so it is always exciting when you walk in the door.

  • A welcoming fun environment - we are so lucky that those who attend our sessions help us to create a relaxed environment and we love it when the children's families catch up while their little ones are playing too.

  • You don't have to tidy up! A massive perk! You can enjoy all the toys in offer, in the knowledge that we thoroughly expect it everything to be played with and its our job to tidy it up - although we never turn down little helpers who want to help us put the balls back in the ball pits! 

  • We shouldn't have to say this - but we will. Everything will be clean when it is put out and safe. 


Hi, I'm Katie. I have worked in childcare ever since I finished college in 2016. I am really passionate about providing fun and engaging experiences for children, as well as ensuring that it is a welcoming environment for them and their families.

Over the years of working in nurseries I have have looked after, and set up play activities for, hundreds of children! I love watching them explore and learn through play, and am really excited to bring my knowledge and experience to a new venture!

Hi, I'm Jodie. I am a local Mum to 2 beautiful girls. I currently work as a Nurse in the NHS, and wanted to find something I could do alongside this. After having my youngest daughter I have realised how quickly time goes, so I love that Pop Up Play gives me freedom to spend as much time as possible with my girls. I have spent my entire motherhood looking for groups like this! Somewhere that is safe, engaging and most importantly fun, with a range of different activities to keep them interested.

 Together we are Pop Up Play! We bought the business in May 2024 and are excited to grow it into a thriving part of the community.

If you've not been to one of our sessions or parties before,

we hope to meet you and your little ones soon. 

Katie and Jodie 

Who runs pop up play?

What you can expect...

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